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Saturday, 21 November 2009

the attack of the killer sauh worm

Information on lernea from wikipedia:

"Lernaea (also spelled Lernea) is a genus of copepod crustaceans commonly called anchor worms, parasitic on freshwater fishes. They mate during the last free-swimming (copepodid) stage of development. After mating, the female burrows into the flesh of a fish and transforms into an unsegmented, wormlike form, usually with a portion hanging from the fish's body"

- lernea/anchor worm/cacing sauh/scientific name:henneguya shaharini
- cacing ni pandai menyorok kadang2..belek2, ermm adela yang tersangkut..ikan bile kene x meragam sangat, non ikan x selera makan..yang jadi leathalnye bile mende tu da lama hinggap akan jadi luka/ulcer tinggalkan telur, dan merebak ke ikan2 lain.
-nak cabut boleh, but make sure tarik gunakan tweezer dgan akar2 cacing skali..cairkan potmat ngan air suam, dab ngan cotton bud kat cacing & cacing akan longlai..tapi kalau satu kolam effect? seekor ikan kne x5 cacing...jenuhh2...
- try bath kan ikan ngan garam 5-10ppt @ garam 5ppt+potmat @ formalin + garam
- kadang2 lambat cket..tanye otai2 ley pakai racun serangga untuk tanaman??, dipterex/trichlorfon..tang ni ley bunuh cacing plus anak cucu cicit diorng skali...wallahualam


1)My observation when using potasium p. + salt is that not all fishes recover from the worm as a result of the frequent use of the same treatment
2) i went to a local agriculture/crop supply store & couldnt find any of 'dipterex/trichlorfon, instead i got Malathion (57% EC) for a trial treatment for the infected marble goby..
3) it was said that this insecticide also has the potential to treat fish infected by lernea (mostly carp & koi ) information on the usage of malathion on marble goby yet
4) required/recommended dosage to be tested on the fish:

i) 2ml/1,000 gallons
ii) 5ml/1,000 gallons (best)
iii) 10ml/1,000 gallons

p/s - these treatments were succesfully used on koi's, so i'll have a try on my marble goby.. let see later on the outcome..