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Thursday, 1 October 2009


* fry's arrived from perak

* a 500gram ketutu @ marble goby

* the pond

* ketutu qurantined

* cousin with a small fry

* need extra carefull handling

  • here's how i learnt, mostly got information from sifuu’s especially from course i attended before, tn, fry trader, from people i met, friends, dad’s opinion – he’s a kelah expert, etc..
  • combination of above + thoughts in mind + experiments + current experience = bellow summary ..
  • the more the ketutu died, the more i learnt and hopefully will make me 2 b more preventive in the future..until now,these are my understanding on the fish so-called ‘Hantu’..all the bellow explains.......

Spec of my pond.. 10x5x2.5 kanvas x 8units

1. actually, kanvas is the last choice but since its a trial, will convert to concrete pond/earthenpond in the future..for the filtering, i just use natural's n contra of kanvas= quite cheap,fast,easy setup/ but couldnt sustain temperature level?/has its life period
2. fish release wastes/ammonia.. quatic plant to absorb ammonia in water..
3. aeration/airlift..circulates and gives a mild flow to water, supplies 02+releases unwanted@toxic gas contained in water + creates water circulation..since water is covered with plants d.0 will be generated from this..
p/s - ketutu couldnt cope with heavy flow/is a water breather (not air breather) .. saves electricity,i use atman blower for all 8 pond.
4. sunlight, to make sure the keladi bunting lives.. completes the natural filter..for solid waste, i'll clean them once a while
5. the warmer , the better..vice versa,parasite/bact can in cold water conditions & more active in cold the pond is just covered with 50% orkid net to allow sunlight get through..
6. ph.....seldom check.. .ketutu once settled in your pond, its a hardy....
7. salt 3-5 ppt, elements from earthn pond to create a natural environment..
8. change water volume 10-20% monthly.kdg2 tak

Transportation method

1) normal transprtation (polystrine+water+oxy)
- first batch came from perak..i ordered 500 Wild ketutu fry’s ranging from the SiZE of 5-10inches, & seller came by van
- at a glance, some look healthy,some not.. qurantine with salt + potmat for 2/3 days before grading and transfering them to the ponds
- 20-30 died during this period ( i suspect to the overload stress of fish carried from the long journey)..jalan jauh2, pening ikan

2) dry transportation (use low qntity water + anti-ammoni/surat kaba lama)
- already tested it with small quantity fry’s..maybe its a better way to reduce fish stress during transport..

Ketutu treatment

1) here comes the hardest part..lack duration of fish quarantine answers it all
2) after transfering the fish to by day, fish kept on dying
3) so what i did was i had a close check using my naked eye at every single fry and guess what i found out
4) – learnea/hook worm + fungus on unhealed wound (like spora) +white spot + kembung perut/stress + mati sparuh bdn/ekor +etc + etc +etc +etc
5) Summary : not only quarantine procedures play a major part, i also suspect the quality of fish fry/handling of seller before transported is very low+i also lack in experience..
6) Overall 20% mortality rate of the first batch
7) Moral of the story, prolong the quarantine a close check to every singly fry - kalau larat..

p/s – sometimes, different disease comes with different medicine..experiment with them

#i've tried potmat/otc/acriflavin/salt/formalin/ hydrogen perokside
- med. mostly got it when i attended hj hanafiah’s course + bought at aqua shop + pharmacy
- potmat + salt is the best....
-.use salt as a remedy/but it takes time..most of the mortality rate of my fry comes from treatment
-so handling of these fry are very important to cut down losses..

How i fed them?

- i give live fish/some of them pellet for trial/some trash fish= x kisahla mana2..janji ikan ngap & nak membesar
- feed accordingly to its weight
- in the meanwhile, bought 10k of 1 inch keli fry’s..also tried to hatch keli fry, pasar bli keli.adela cuba cucuk2 ovaprim mkn artemia hari ke3++ dup2, adela 300ekor idup...jadila
- thers a quote from a domestic blogger claiming that keli has high protein as compared to other fishes - seluang/kap etc..
- i cousin had a trip to indonesia, the breed keli to feed ducks..itik depa besor2..
- one more thing, keli swim x laju mane, snang ketutu nak terkAm..but economical??

p/s - ketutu nocturnal spesies..cari mkn time malam, elok bg time2 mgrib
Overall: peghhh..penat dok observe ikan nih hari2..first couples of week memang letih..then bile ikan2 dah settle ngan umah baru, insyaallah ok la die...

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